Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nikon D 5100 first day

I was looking at buying an all in one camera, one that takes good still photos as well as what is presumptuously called by the industry in 2011 as 'high definition' movies [maybe higher than the videos of a decade ago but actually still very low definition compared to human vision].

I was almost going to buy the Nikon D7000, but by God’s grace happened to see in my email the launch of their D5100 which had everything I needed and more [HD at 30 fps] at almost half the price! The launch of a new Nikon store 3 miles from my home was another indication that this is what I must do. So I went to their store in end of April 2011 and paid an advance for the body of Nikon D5100.

Today the 8th of May 2011 I got the camera, and it is mother’s day being celebrated so we spent some time with my mom too! Showed her on Facebook some unbelievable things that happened to me yesterday, when I connected with people who were part of my very early life, the first home in Mumbai where I spent my first 18 years of life. Names and faces from 30 years in the past suddenly becoming visible on the net was quite overwhelming.

Time to check out the camera, yes! I wanted to try out the video mainly, since that was new to me. Here are some of the results.

Videos in normal indoors daylight, fluorescent, and outdoors in low light, some in black and white mode, manual focus and with zoom.

This video was taken in the afternoon indoors. It has been reduced in clarity and size for putting up online here.

I also took some selective color photos. I liked the selective color picker tool and must say it looks promising for creativity!

This picture was taken today evening, low light [just one tube light, hand held]. The dining chairs are actually rust-brown, but appear grey, just by one simple click on the camera. Wow!

Thank you Nikon for bringing out the D 5100 at the right time for me.